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Engaging students though exploration and experiential learning defines the zSpace learning experience.


Our solutions can be configured for classrooms, labs, media centers, and makerspaces, and the mobile solution includes a cart for transporting your zSpace experience to any classroom or learning space


Not your average computer

As a hardware and software solution, zSpace delivers a stunning interactive experience by integrating the latest AR/VR technology in an all-in-one computer and laptop. zSpace utilizes three sensory characteristics to create a natural and intuitive product.

Every zSpace system has tracking built into the display. These sensors track your zSpace stylus and glasses. As you tilt your head to look around an object, zSpace dynamically updates to display the correct perspective in full, high-definition.

From the metal frame of the Tracked Glasses to the lightweight form of the Follower Glasses, zSpace eyewear is essential, yet understated. Tracked Glasses provide a complete experience, while Follower Glasses allow peers to join in and participate.

The zSpace stylus is held like a pen. With 6 degrees of freedom, users can rotate their wrist naturally as they pick up and examine objects. The buttons on the stylus perform different actions depending on the application that is open. Outside of zSpace-use, users can switch to using a mouse for other Windows applications.

Contact us today for information on pricing and how to get the zSpace System for your students!

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