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VR Forensics

Learn fundementals of CSI using the power of immersive Virtual Reality!!


Vizitech VR Forensics

Introducing the Virtual Reality (VR) Forensics learning system by Vizitech USA. This system is designed to provide the fundamentals of Crime Scene Investigation for the new student and refresher training for the veteran officer. VR Forensics places the student in a virtual work setting with negligible interruptions where the instructor can control their experience. Learning comes from the experience of processing the crime scene in accordance with institutional policies and procedures. VR Forensics consists of two learning modules: the Evidence Collection Module and the Blood Spatter Analysis Module.

In the Evidence Collection module, the student/team is immersed in scenarios to learn the different tools available to process a crime scene. There are 36 included scenarios for your students to work through!

In the Blood Spatter Analysis module, students work within immersive scenarios to learn the different tools available to the student as they process blood spatter from a crime scene.

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