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We live in a digital age where technology has had a transformative effect on the way we live and work. Slowly and steadily, technology has been making strides in revolutionizing methods of learning and teaching. Technology-enabled curriculum and smart boards have long replaced traditional blackboards and two-dimensional textbook images. As we move into the next generation of media transformation, AR (Augmented Reality), VR (Virtual Reality), and interactive/immersive 3D technologies have come to the forefront of the educational landscape. These digital learning formats allow students to experience things like never before. 


Studies have shown that these technologies can increase test scores by 33%, and retention rates by up to 100%. ​Vizitech USA’s 3D learning and AR/VR products promote differentiated instruction and hands-on learning, which keeps students engaged and gives them a deeper understanding of complex concepts. When you also factor in the increased safety and cost savings associated with working in virtual environments, Vizitech’s Ed Tech products and services are a huge advantage for schools (and for teachers!) Whether you are a K12 school, Career Tech center, Technical College, or University, contact us today to see how we can help your students be their best.

Vizitech Education Products


XR Academy



XR Academy

XR Academy is a high school-focused class that engages students to learn about the future of Virtual and Extended Realities.  The students will learn and experience various technologies, which can include the HoloLens, HTC Vive, Augmented Reality tablets and programs.  Throughout a standard class week, the students will listen to lectures from industry professionals about game design as well as learn essential beginner level skills. 

These skills include:

  • Programming C#    

  • Unity Game Design

  • Blender 3D

  • Modeling

  • Texturing

  • Lighting / Rendering

  • Asset creation

  • Cybersecurity

  • Artificial Intelligence


Vizitech USA is proud to introduce our AR Mind Mats, an innovative AR teaching and learning tool for students and teachers. Our AR Mind Mats (thus named because the AR targets are printed out on large durable mousepad-like mats) allow students to use our AR applications to explore topics like Human Anatomy, the Solar System, and more. With high engagement and a very competitive price point, this is a great way to introduce the latest learning technology to your students. Give us a call or email us today to find out more!

VR Forensics pic 3.jpg



VR Forensics

Vizitech USA is excited to introduce the Virtual Reality (VR) Forensics learning system. The system is established to provide the fundamentals of Crime Scene Investigation for the new student/refresher training for the veteran officer. VR Forensics places the student in a virtual work setting with negligible interruptions where the instructor can control their experience. Learning comes from the experience of processing the crime scene in accordance with institutional policies and procedures. VR Forensics consists of two learning modules: the Evidence Collection Module and the Blood Spatter Analysis Module.


In the Evidence Collection module, the student/team is immersed in scenarios to learn the different tools available to process a crime scene. 


In the VR Forensics Blood Spatter Analysis Module. This module provides immersive scenarios to learn the different tools available to the student as they process blood spatter from a crime scene.

Click the button above to learn more!


zSpace is a high-performance simulation station for AR/VR instruction in science, math, and CTE that supports advanced professional applications and gaming, including eSports, modeling and simulation, and data visualization.

Engaging students through exploration and experiential learning defines the zSpace learning experience. zSpace combines elements of AR and VR to create lifelike experiences that are immersive and interactive. As a hardware and software solution, zSpace delivers a stunning interactive experience by integrating the latest AR/VR technology in a 3D VR laptop computer called zSpace Inspire.

The zSpace Inspire includes the device and stylus to deliver an immersive and interactive learning experience in virtual and augmented reality without an HMD or glasses. Experience a level of realism like never before with advanced 4K True Color visuals.


Custom Content Development


Technology as a Service

Custom Content Development

Have an idea for a project that doesn’t seem to fit precisely into one of our product categories? Or do you like some of the mediums, but don’t see the content that your students need? Want to collaborate and create something awesome to fill that void? VizitechUSA would love to work with you to bring your vision to life! Whether it’s a virtual field trip, an Augmented Reality journey exploring a faraway land, or bringing new subjects to life, let VizitechUSA make your vision for your students a reality! 


Some of our happy education Custom Content clients:

  • Kentucky College of Optometry, University of Pikeville

  • Savannah State University

Technology as a Service 

We know that you are great at what you do, whether it is teaching students or building amazing products.  We are great at our business also and have an "Army" of highly trained technology support specialists that can make your technology life easier, make you more effective, save you time, and in the end, save your team money.  


If you want to be the best you can be at your specialized skill set and want to work with the best technology support team in the business, please consider Technology as a Service (TaaS) from ViziTech USA.  We will ensure that your team or school has the latest technologies and is very skilled in their uses, and our specialist will work alongside your team and make your technology use the most effective tool in your kit.


Be great at what you do, and use our TaaS team to move from great, to amazing.


Student, Sophmore,

Liberty County Schools, Ga

“I have never been able to visualize things in this Anatomy class like I can using these products.  Now, I can see everything, and understand it.”

Principal, Florida

“This is the change in Education that we have been waiting for.  This is the most exciting thing I have used in years, and the way the children have adapted to it is just amazing.”

Dr. Sandi Addis, President, National Dropout Prevention Network

“This is the kind of program and learing platform that gets students interested and excited about learning again, keeps them engaged, and keeps them in school.” 

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