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ViziTech USA is a state of the art training and education company, specializing in Interactive, Augmented, Virtual, and Extended Reality programs, infused with Artificial Intelligence as needed. We offer 2D, 3D, AR, and VR hardware, software, imaging, and custom content solutions, to escalate and excite the training programs for your unit or organization. We offer Flag Officer/ C-suite level insight into the task, condition, and standards your teams face, and the technologies to fully train your soldiers or employees to exceed the standards. This is all done in safe surroundings, with amazing realism, and intricate detail. We will complete your training programs on time, under budget, and exceed your expectations. The confluence of real and digital learning meets the “Screenager” students where they like to learn: electronically, visually, virtually. Our immersive, dispersed, on-call training programs are not affected by bad weather or non-available equipment and show an ROI of as much as $20 returned for every $1 spent on your training budget. Let us show you the future, and expand your training capabilities to their maximum limits, per Harvard Business Review.

Company Snapshot

Cage: 5RY58 DUNS: 832411313

Gov. Business POC: Charles S. Rodeheaver Brigadier General US Army (Ret)

Phone: (404) 725-5104


Address: 103 East Sumter St. Eatonton, GA 31204

Work Area: Nationwide


Take Aways: Service Disabled Veteran Owned, HUBZONE, 8A affiliated, woman owned business

Past Performance

• USACIL-Atlanta Gunshot Residue Investigation Techniques

• USACIL-Atlanta DNA Analysis Procedures

• US Army Biometrics and Forensics Ft. Huachuca-WITT Training

• US Department of Energy-Savannah, GA Electrical Lineman Utility Course

• Gulfstream Aviation 3D program for 650R aircraft crew training

• GA Department of Transportation-Atlanta Provided Simulator for traffic

management and first responder training for law enforcement/HERO training 

• SIBR- US Air Force, Warner Robins Georgia, Virtual Reality Paint trainer for C5,
Global Hawk, C-130, and F15 aircraft.

• Aircraft Carrier Operations VR Simulator-Flight Academy-US Navy, Pensacola Florida

Core Competencies

• STEM Program design and development

• 3D interactive, Augmented and Haptic based educational systems

• Critical Path and core competency educational curriculum and courses

• Industry leading interactive training programs

• 3D immersion simulators for traffic control and management

• 3D, Virtual Interactive training for first responder training

• 3D/2D video design, 360-degree videography, filming, editing, special effects and production

• SME at combining experience based learning and educational programs

• Experience R&D team with proven capabilities from conception to design to production

to end user

• Full spectrum training capabilities from on the ground to board level instruction

• Maintenance and troubleshooting for heavy equipment and aviation assets

• Training programs for electrical industry from lineman to power generation to

transmission/distribution including substation design, repair and safety programs

• Green energy programs for wind energy

• Electrical power plant operations for hydro, fossil fuel and nuclear plants

NAICS & Class Codes

• 54155  Custom Computer Programming

• 541512 Computer System Design Services

• 541690 Scientific and Technical Consulting

• 611430 Professional and Management Development Training

• 611420 Computer Training

• 423430 Computer and Computer Peripheral Equipment and Software Merchant Wholesalers

• 611519 Other Technical and Trade Schools

• Category AF1

• Category U0


• 8(a) affiliation with WOSB, EDWOSB, internal indicators Small, SDVOB, HUB Zone

• 11 years in business

• 40 years combined experience in the educational/ training and 3D production fields

• Experienced program and project management team producing on time, under budget

and above expectation products.  

Female Industrial Engineer
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Cities and other municipalities are experiencing a phenomenal transformation in terms of data aggregation, management, and adoption of new technologies. The concept of the smart city has now become a real implementation and more cities are looking for new ways to improve their operational efficiencies, usage of data, and in general, improve the quality of life for its citizens. Residents can visualize the future using XR like never before.  As governments push towards a more participatory planning process and engage residents in important decisions, these new technologies offer a more accessible medium for engagement. Not every resident will understand a blueprint of a new subway station, but most will have an opinion when they’re standing in it.

 As we move forward into the digital age, XR has many applications for city, county, and state municipalities. Some of these applications include: 

  • Training Employees (especially knowledge transfer from older employees to new)

  • Public works & Utilities/ Water Treatment Facilities

  • Transportation

  • Emergency Management and Planning

  • Infrastructure and Urban Planning

  • Economic and Community Development

  • Entertainment, Commerce, and Tourism


Extended Reality (XR) technologies are changing the way we connect people, information, and operational experiences. XR is an umbrella concept that encompasses Augmented Reality (AR), Virtual Reality (VR), and Mixed Reality (MR) technologies. Agencies such as the USDA, the US Forestry Service, the National Parks Service, and others are embracing the benefits of XR. Anyone who uses technology or machinery can benefit from XR training, so it is a good fit for DOT’s and EMA’s as well. 

Here are some ways that non-military government agencies are benefiting from XR technology:

  • Disaster Preparedness/ Emergency Management Training

  • Employee Recruiting and Training

  • Machinery Maintenance

  • Equipment Painting Simulators

  • Virtual CSI training

  • Virtual Tours

  • Enhanced Tours & Tourism

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