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“The world of work is changing fast, bringing new challenges and unprecedented demands. Automation, digital transformation, the global pandemic, the gig economy, and changes in demographics, employees’ expectations, and corporate mandates are just a few of the seismic shifts affecting what companies do and how they do it. To meet these challenges and stay competitive, organizations need to ensure they can respond in an agile way to whatever the future throws at them. Companies that do will be well-positioned to thrive; those that don’t will struggle to keep up”  - HBR-AS, 2020


Those aren’t our words, that is what the Harvard Business Review recently said about Immersive Learning and Extended Reality (XR) training in the workplace. Whether onboarding millennials or cross-training existing employees, engagement is key. Businesses can utilize XR technologies to create real-world scenarios, where trainees can practice their skills again and again, in a safe environment, all while saving on training costs. All of these advantages add up to as much as a $20 ROI on every dollar invested in XR training!  


Talk to us today about all of the training and safety benefits and cost savings that your company could benefit from! 

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Why XR?

There are a ton of benefits to immersive digital training and learning. XR enables employees to develop a better understanding of concepts, objects, and processes by seeing and experiencing them. XR technologies bridge geographic distances between trainers and trainees, enabling a trainer to “teleport” into the same room as trainees and guide them through their immersive experiences. With VR, trainees can also collaborate remotely. XR technologies create safe environments that allow trainees to learn from their mistakes without risk. They also help companies save money on training equipment. For example, it’s much cheaper to train employees to repair aircraft engines using virtual versions.

The advantages of Immersive Learning and Extended Reality (XR) training


  1. Increased ROI on your Training Budget

  2. Increased Engagement and Excitement

  3. Reduced Training Costs

  4. Reduced Training Time

  5. No Materials Spent

  6. Increased Safety

  7. Training Without Equipment Downtime

  8. Practical Approach rather than just Theory 

  9. Increased Retention and Recall

  10. Simulates Real Working Environments, and allows Real World Practice Scenarios and Situations


How will XR benefit me?

Using XR for employee training makes the learning experience more enjoyable and engaging for employees. XR technologies can use sensors that collect metrics including behavioral data, heat maps, gesture and eye tracking, and voice recognition. Such comprehensive systems can help organizations evaluate and improve training programs. XR has much to offer to complement and enrich employee training. Immersive technologies can make employee training more efficient and exciting and increase knowledge retention. It’s especially useful when training employees in hazardous industries. Vizitech USA is committed to bringing you the latest in training technology.

Some of the technologies available for Immersive Learning and XR training

  1. Immersive VR 180 and 360-degree Haloscreen Rooms

  2. Augmented Reality (AR) Products and development

  3. Virtual Reality Systems and software

  4. Interactive 3D & 3D Scanning

  5. 3D Video & 360 degree Video

  6. 3D Motion Capture

  7. Drone and Aerial Video

  8. Mobile App and VR App Development

  9. Custom Content Solutions and Product Development

  10. Web-based solutions , Advanced analytics, and more!

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