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Wow your students with a way to explore content like they’ve never seen before with Vizitech’s 3D AVRover System! The stunning stereoscopic 3D videos and interactive modules include 1000’s of lessons in STEM and CTE topics. Topics that are traditionally difficult for students to visualize spring to life right in front of their eyes!

The 3D AVRover is a portable 3D multimedia system built inside of a wheeled AV cart and includes a 3D DLP projector, built-in stereo sound system, 3D capable computer with advanced graphics capabilities, and 25 pairs of battery-powered active 3D glasses. The holoprojected 3D images and videos are unlike anything you have seen in a 3D movie or amusement park ride.  The images are projected into your classroom to each individual student and don’t simply jump out from a screen. Holoprojected 3D is stable and interactive, so it doesn’t cause any uneasiness sometimes associated with traditional 3D. This type of 3D has been scientifically proven to increase learning outcomes! 

It is easy to transport from one room to the next. In order to use it, teachers plug it in, turn it on, and are able to immediately immerse their students into a 3D learning environment. The 3D AVRover and active 3D glasses are durable, easy to use, and add countless hours of engaged learning to your classroom.

AV Rover


Contact us today for information on pricing and how to get the AV Rover System for your students!

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