The Future of Education, Now

Children today are growing up in an environment relying more on technology than ever before. Just within the last 20 years, schools have progressed from having a few computers, or perhaps a dedicated computer lab, to tablets and laptops being used as integral educational tools.

With these advancements in technology has come the move towards interactive learning. Interactive learning allows students to participate in a hands-on form of learning that offers them a greater opportunity to process information and retain it. Did you know that 3D technology increases test scores by 33% and retention rates by up to 100%, according to a study by The National Science Foundation, NASA, the U.S. Army, and Texas Instruments?

Vizitech USA is dedicated to changing the way America learns by providing these advanced technologies so that students and teachers can benefit from the hands-on experience.

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3D learning

Bring Lessons to Life with Augmented Reality

Augmented reality (AR) augments your environment with computer generated graphics, sounds, or data. Experiments like frog dissection no longer need to be messy, expensive, or limited – they can be done through the use of augmented reality, providing students a fully interactive experience that brings the textbook to life! Your students’ attention will be captivated like never before with augmented reality, and the knowledge they retain from the experience will prove it.

Immerse Students in a Different World with Virtual Reality

Virtual reality (VR) replaces your physical reality with a computer-generated reality. Vizitech creates immersive, interactive training experiences for schools that simply cannot be matched by just reading about something in a textbook or on a blackboard. Instead, students are given a more complete view of the concepts and ideas they read about by experiencing them firsthand with virtual reality.

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3DAV Rover

3D projector

The 3DAV Rover is a portable 3D projector and theater system that projects videos, images, and interactive lessons into your classroom. With the Rover, 3D images are projected into your classroom rather than simply jumping from your screen, like traditional 3D you see in movies. Teachers plug it in, turn it on, and immerse their students in a 3D learning environment.



The zSpace is a virtual reality desktop with 3D glasses and a stylus that allows you to interact with a virtual object or environment. Using the stylus, students can move objects, take them apart, and build complex electrical circuitry, physics experiments, and more.

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