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Safer, More Cost-Effective Training

Industries that require employees to complete in-person or hands-on training can benefit from the safety and low cost of virtually recreating that training process. Vizitech USA works with your experts to develop custom 3D and VR training programs that increase comprehension and retention among your employees. We also install the hardware, such as computers and projectors, necessary to create a training space for your organization.

Our 3D training programs are interactive, meaning you can walk through a virtual environment and manipulate the objects around you as if, for example, you were servicing a machine in real life. Industries that can benefit from virtual training by Vizitech may include:

  • Utilities
  • Transportation
  • Manufacturing
  • Public safety
  • Military
  • Automotive
  • Engineering

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Why Is it Cost-Effective?

If you use machines to train your employees, the parts wear down and stop working over time, requiring your organization to purchase expensive new equipment every few years. Virtual machines never experience wear and tear, so your trainees can use the same software over and over again.

Why Is it Safe?

Training employees on dangerous electrical or mechanical equipment, or training them on the side of the highway, has the potential to result in injuries. For example, a virtual electrical grid system teaches your employees the skills they need to succeed at their jobs while keeping them safe. It also ensures they have received plenty of practice before encountering a real electrical grid system.

Past Projects

Vizitech develops custom content for organizations based on their industry and training needs. We have worked with clients such as the U.S. Army, Georgia Power, Georgia Department of Transportation, Gulfstream Aerospace, and more.

ELUT (Electric Lineman Utility Training) 1101

To provide an overview of the electrical grid system, Vizitech created a 3D, interactive mapping system for Georgia Power.

Bridge Inspection Program

The program allows inspectors to virtually walk along a bridge, view and access problem areas, select a scaled evaluation, and assess the safety of the bridge.

Flexible Pavement Inspection Program

Vizitech created this program for the GDOT that allows inspectors to view a 3D video of 21 imperfections in asphalt/flexible pavement operations and assess and evaluate the faults.

12-Lead ECG Program

This program allows students to work with a virtual person to learn the proper placement of leads for a 12-lead EKG/ECG system. The program then allows students to analyze the EKG chart to determine what problems are being detected and which leads produce the information a doctor needs.

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