3DAV Rover

“Using the 3DAV Rover (3D projector & theatre system) this year has been GREAT! Let’s be honest, keeping up with our students’ development in technology is a difficult task, but the Rover allowed me to keep my curriculum relevant and exciting for my students. The really amazing part was watching the students’ engagement with the programs. The clips were outstanding because they brought lessons to life in a way that textbooks and traditional movies could not. Students could truly see their units coming to life right before their eyes. The 3DAV Rover was an outstanding addition, increasing student understanding in various topics.”

Matt Walker, Medical Lead Teacher
Darnell-Cookman Middle/High School

Engaging & Immersive Education Experiences

Vizitech’s 3DAV Rover is a portable 3D projector and theater system that projects videos, images, and interactive lessons into your classroom. Unlike the 3D you see at the movies, which is 3D on a 2D plane, our 3D is considered Holoprojected 3D, meaning the images are projected into your classroom and don’t simply jump out from a screen. Holoprojected 3D is stable and interactive, and it doesn’t cause dizziness or headaches.

The Rover is a portable 3D projector and theater system built inside of a wheeled AV cart with a 3D projector (DLP), sound system, 3D computer, and 25 pairs of Active 3D glasses. It is easy to transport from one room to the next. In order to use it, teachers plug it in, turn it on, and immerse their students into a 3D learning environment. The Rover and 3D glasses are durable, difficult to break, and add countless hours of engaged learning to your classroom.

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