3d simulatorDid you know that in 2013, the National Highway Traffic Association conducted a study that found there were more accidents per mile on I-285 in Atlanta, Georgia, than any other highway or interstate that year? I-285 is frequently used by drivers attempting to avoid the busy traffic of the downtown Atlanta area. During the year of the study, there were 26 fatal accidents which resulted in 29 total deaths over the nearly 75 miles of highway that I-285 accounts for. That’s nearly 6 deaths for every 15 miles of road.

The Highway Emergency Response Operators (HERO) Unit is the aptly named group within the Georgia Department of Transportation (GDOT) tasked with responding to these fatal accidents and all types of other issues that arise on the state’s highways. Members of this unit have a highly dangerous and important job that requires them to walk and operate around hectic traffic, frequently at night or in poor weather conditions. Because of this danger, normal classroom training doesn’t adequately represent the situations HEROs face, while live training can simply be too dangerous and overwhelming for someone with no experience. That’s where ViziTech came in.

The HOSS 3D Simulator

We worked with experienced GDOT HEROs to develop a 3D simulator that could accurately recreate the situations that these brave men and women respond to every day. This simulator, called Highway Operations Simulations System (HOSS), puts trainees in safe, photorealistic stereoscopic virtual environments that match real sections of Atlanta interstate. The HOSS 3D simulator projects realistic hazards and situations that trainees will face in the field and allows them to manipulate this reality, such as directing traffic, laying cones, lighting flares, and more. When creating this program, we focused on making it as realistic as possible while also keeping it extremely user-friendly.

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