educational technology

Here at ViziTech, one of our specialties is providing innovative technology for educators that actually works. Over the last few decades, technology has grown and changed at a rapid pace. With wireless connectivity and the powerful devices that have been developed, life is significantly different. Interestingly, the world of education has been a little slower to evolve. Many schools have taken the steps to incorporate the use of computers and tablets into their curriculums, but there are newer, more effective pieces of educational technology available today, and ViziTech can help you use them!


The zSpace is a virtual reality desktop that will get your students excited about learning. Through the use of 3D glasses and a stylus, your students will be able to study virtual objects in far more depth than they would get from a textbook. Just imagine your students being able to see a human heart in action and then dissecting the nervous system – it’s an experience they’re sure to learn from and never forget!

3DAV Rover

While the zSpace is more of a one-to-one experience, the 3DAV Rover can engage your entire classroom. The rover is a 3D projector and theater system that will holoproject 3D images and videos into your classroom. One of the great things about the rover is that it’s portable! While it used to be a television that was wheeled from classroom to classroom, now it’s the 3DAV Rover (which is a much more effective learning tool).

Custom Content for Educational Technology

One of the best parts about working with ViziTech is the fact that we can create custom content for your educational technology. Our experienced team can create curriculums and lessons specifically for the zSpace or 3DAV Rover, as well as custom augmented reality and virtual reality programs. Your students will never forget what they learn with this immersive education!


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