3D and VR Training Programs for Commercial & Government

virtual trainingIn addition to ViziTech’s work with educational groups, such as schools and colleges, we also apply our expertise to the commercial and government industries. Just like with education, we have found 3D and virtual reality-based programs to be highly effective tools for training. While this advanced technology is useful in schools for its unique ability to captivate kids’ attention, virtual training benefits the workforce of commercial and government organizations for its safety benefits and its cost-effectiveness.

Training in a Safe Environment

There are numerous industries where employees are in dangerous situations on a daily basis, such as military, law enforcement, electrical, mechanical, construction, and more. For most of these industries, it is crucial to learn aspects of the job by actually doing the job. While precautions are taken and training is done in “safe” environments, any time an electrician is working with electrical equipment or a machinist is working with factory machines, there is danger.

With ViziTech’s help, danger doesn’t have to be present for your trainees. Our team can develop custom virtual training programs that replicate your exact working conditions. In this virtual environment, employees can focus entirely on learning to perform the task properly and efficiently long before they are put in actual danger.

Affordable Training

3D, virtual reality, and augmented reality technology is not cheap, as quality products usually are not. However, they can be incredibly affordable solutions for training. Consider the training that a machine-based employee must undergo, such as a mechanic. Should that trainee mechanic ruin part of an engine, the engine becomes unusable for others and another one is required to continue training.

One of ViziTech’s clients is Gulfstream Aerospace Corporation, whose training used to require them to lease a plane each time they needed to train new employees. However, with a custom-built virtual reality training program from ViziTech that effectively replicated the cabin of a plan, Gulfstream was able to save a great deal of time and money.

No matter your industry, ViziTech’s custom training solutions can benefit you. Protecting employees and saving money whenever possible are two of the most important challenges businesses and governmental bodies face. ViziTech can help you overcome these challenges.

If you’re interested in safe, affordable virtual training for your employees, contact us today at 706-749-8099 for a free demo!