creative marketing programsAugmented reality and virtual reality can be used in numerous capacities for just about any industry. However, marketing and advertising are some of the most beneficial areas for you to apply this technology. AR and VR can provide your company with innovative new ways to get customers interested and excited about your brand with creative marketing programs. The best part is that ViziTech can help!

Bringing the Showroom Home

Perhaps one of the primary benefits of the internet and modern technology is the incredible convenience it provides. Shopping online has revolutionized the consumer experience by allowing you to shop from home. By using augmented reality, companies can provide customers with a showroom in the middle of their living rooms. With proper augmented reality features, someone shopping for furniture can place a virtual version of the sofa they want in their living room to see how it looks.

Resurrecting Print

Although print ads are still important, they have lost a lot of their traction and value in recent years with the move towards digital. However, augmented reality can give print ads a whole new life and use with creative marketing programs. Through the use of AR applications, print ads can be brought to life with 3D graphics, videos, and interactive features simply by aiming the camera of a smartphone or tablet at them.

Create a Virtual Experience

Virtual reality isn’t quite as common for marketing and advertising as augmented reality since it requires more specialized equipment and is more expensive. However, for companies able to afford it, VR opens up even more possibilities. An excellent example of using VR in advertising is Mercedes. With a recent Mercedes model, the company created a virtual driving experience along the California coast that allowed users to view the interior of the car, the Pacific Ocean, and more.

ViziTech offers exceptional custom options for businesses looking to add this futuristic, interactive element to their marketing and advertising. We have worked with magazines and other publications to develop exciting AR features for their advertisements, articles, and other content. We also have a great deal of experience in creating custom VR solutions.

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