virtual technologyWhether you’re in business or education, 3D and virtual technology can be an incredible benefit. As 2018 begins, virtual technology is continuing to become more commonly used in daily life. From video games to shopping apps, it’s increasing in popularity and is here to stay. While there are countless reasons why you should consider using 3D and virtual technology in your business or school, we’ve identified three of the best.

It Works

Simply put, 3D technology works. In a study called the Learning in Future Education (LiFE) Project, 740 students were given a pre-test. They were then split into two groups for instruction. One group received traditional instruction and the other group received virtual, 3D instruction. The students were given a post test in which 86% of the 3D students improved their scores compared to 52% of their 2D peers. For students in the classroom or new employees going through training, learning the material is crucial, and using modern technology is the best way to go about it.

It Improves Collaboration

Collaboration is an important aspect of business and frequently in the classroom as well. With virtual technology, collaboration and teamwork can take place from essentially anywhere. The ability to hold virtual meetings can significantly reduce the frequency of business trips, and team members not in the same room or even the same building can work on projects together. This can be particularly useful for real estate and other industries with a visual or design component. This benefit extends to the classroom, with programs being developed to allow sick students to view a lesson from home.

It Saves Money

The long-term savings from using virtual technology can be monumental for businesses and schools looking to save money. For example, with zSpace, a school has an unlimited number of virtual frogs available for dissection, rather than having to purchase hundreds each year. Likewise, should a trainee mechanic ruin an engine, replacement costs could be hundreds of dollars. With a virtual solution from ViziTech, the need to replace a ruined engine will never be an issue.

These are just a few of the incredible reasons you should consider 3D and virtual technology for your business or school. ViziTech offers some incredible educational technology that you can begin to benefit from right now.

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