Education Case Studies

Liberty County School System

“There’s no way a student will come into the zSpace lab and not be engaged, if not engrossed, in the learning. Liberty is a very progressive school district. We are about high student achievement, and zSpace was just right at the cutting edge of what we wanted students to use in their day-to-day learning.”

Dr. Valya S. Lee, Superintendent, Liberty County School System

“zSpace to me is like an awakening of a child’s mind. Because they are actively engaged and they can see things in zSpace that they can’t see in a textbook.”


Pamela Donald, Science and Anatomy Teacher, Bradwell Institute

Georgia’s Liberty County School System is a progressive school district that values cutting-edge technology. Liberty strives to be an education technology leader, and chose Vizitech provide 3D and virtual reality technology for the school system.

With zSpace labs and 3D Rovers, students in Liberty County can receive hands-on learning in subject areas such as science, technology, math, and even the arts. As a rural school district, purchasing new supplies every year for frog dissection, for example, was not ideal for Liberty’s budget. However, with education technology from Vizitech, students can virtually dissect frogs every year at no additional cost.

Ozark City Schools

This will allow students to visualize what you are teaching in class. Students are able to interact with the lesson. Instead of memorizing notes, students will be able to comprehend information. They are able to actually point out places to ask questions.”

Teacher, Ozark City Schools

“Get ready to hear the oohs and ahs. The students will be amazed. Concepts are made relevant and easy.”


Teacher, Ozark City Schools

Technology is the great equalizer, as it gives rural school districts such as Ozark City Schools in Alabama the same educational opportunities as students in large metropolitan areas. Ozark strives to be at the forefront of education technology, and Vizitech’s products gave the district that ability.

In addition to adding 3D technology to the schools, Ozark wanted to upgrade technology for the entire district. Vizitech became their technology supplier, providing 3D Rovers, zSpace desktops, computers, networking, and more.

Vizitech helped Ozark’s Carroll High School develop a 3D video creation and editing station, which enables students to create their own custom 3D videos. This project included stereoscopic 3D cameras, a 3D video editing system, and 3D workstation computers. Students wrote, videoed, edited, and created custom animation graphics, and Vizitech provided technical support for all aspects. A 2D version of the video is below.