Commercial Case Studies

Georgia Department of Transportation

GDOT needed a consistent and thorough approach for training inspectors to assess road defaults such as holes, cracks, and more. The level of wear and tear on the roadways determines the amount of money that districts in Georgia receive for repairs, so it was important that all assessments were judged by the same standards.

Vizitech worked with GDOT to create a Flexible Pavement Inspection Program that allows GDOT inspectors to view an interactive 3D video of 21 different imperfections in asphalt/flexible pavement. Using Vizitech 3D Rovers, inspectors can virtually walk a mile of pavement, evaluate the condition, and consistently and accurately assess faults.

HERO (Highway Emergency Response Operators)

HEROs are traffic management experts who respond to accidents and other safety threats in Atlanta’s interstate system. Their jobs are dangerous, as they frequently need to walk in and around fast-moving traffic. HERO needed a safe and thorough way to train its operators to be ready to manage traffic on Atlanta’s busy highways.

With the help of HERO experts, Vizitech created a Highway Operations Simulations System (HOSS). The 3D, virtual reality training system allows trainees to experience and manipulate real problems and safety hazards in a safe, virtual environment. The program is user friendly and easy to use, making it a great way to train highway safety personnel.


Gulfstream Aerospace Corporation designs, develops, manufactures, markets, and services jet aircraft. New Gulfstream employees are trained on how to use and service the aircraft, but since Gulfstream does not own the planes it develops, the company had to lease a plane each time employees needed training. This is time consuming and cost-prohibitive.

To lower the cost of training, Vizitech created a virtual plane cabin that functions as it would in real life. For example, trainees can walk through the virtual cabin and turn on lights, raise TVs, and more. Trainees can also learn about the components that make up the cabin, such as electrical wires, parts, and more.